From the President's Desk

The real ‘skills gap’

Perhaps, like me, you’ve noticed that much of the public discourse around Canada’s economic challenges in recent months has focused on the ‘skills gap’, or shortage of ‘hard’ skills, mainly in the trades.  I’d like… Read more

A Season of Celebration

More than three years into my role as president of Sheridan, I’ve come to find that this time of year brings an embarrassment of riches in terms of things to celebrate.

Back to my ‘class’ roots

This term, I had the rare opportunity to step into the classroom in the coveted role of ‘guest lecturer’ – coveted by me, at least, as it gives me the chance to connect directly with… Read more

Breaking out of the box

I recently enjoyed witnessing the amazing success of the Sheridan Bruins Men’s Basketball Team as they triumphed as provincial champions and then lost a hard fought battle in the national semi-finals to the eventual national… Read more

A Voice of Reason

Because of the polarizing legislative structure of Ontario’s public postsecondary system (in this corner the colleges of applied arts and technology, and in that corner, the universities) it is common for each camp to throw… Read more